“Highly recommend. Dentist and staff is very nice and helpful. Was able to make an appointment next day to get my wisdom teeth looked at. Has very good prices as well. Will definitely be going back.”
- A C
“Wonderful service! Filling out the forms was fast and easy. The dental assistant was friendly and considerate, and made sure to explain all the procedures and what would take place during my visit. The dentist did a thorough job, and took the time to answer all of my questions about the procedure he recommended for my follow up visit. I left feeling like I had been well taken care of!”​
- L G
“Very thorough. Probably the most thorough and knowledgeable dentist I've ever been to. Everyone was really kind and polite. In and out in a very reasonable manner.!”​
- M B
“The team here is great. Everybody that works here are so polite, kind. They gave me a plan and quoted me how much it will cost me and most importantly I didn't feel pressured to go with the plan. The dentist's and the assistants do a very good job of explaining what's going on too. Highly recommend!!”​
- P B
“This was one of the best dental cleanings I’ve had. The hygienist was gentle and thorough. I’m just sorry she’s a temp so I probably won’t see her again when I come back in six months.”​
- V H
“I had a really great experience here!! My dentist here was so wonderful! He was super warm (at 7am, no less) and very considerate during my procedure. He and his assistant were attentive and thorough, the work turned out great (6 fillings), and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. They told me how great I did, which was such a sweet thing to hear even as an adult! Definitely continuing my care here.”​
- L B
“Very flexible scheduling. They were able to get me in quickly and also worked around my work schedule.” Everyone there talked about intimidating dental procedures that I was getting in a way that put me at ease. I definitely feel like I’m in good hands when they are poking around my mouth with their sharp, scary objects.”​
- K R
“They run very efficiently, and always on time. My appointment starts right on the minute it’s scheduled for, and I’m never sitting in the chair waiting for the dentist. They do high-quality work!”
- A E
“Our entire family goes here and we are always taken care of from kids to adults. We appreciate the professionalism and friendly staff. We are always well informed with options and the best dental plans for each individual.”​
- T S
“New patient and I felt like they took super good care of me! They explain everything they are doing and tell you what everything is going to cost before doing it.!”​
- S W